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How on Earth Did THAT Happen?

My kids can confirm this– I never win. I just don’t. It’s not something I’m bitter about, and I don’t feel sorry for myself. Someone has to lose, right? It might as well be me. It doesn’t generally matter what … Continue reading

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No Really– This is a Good Thing!

I received an e-mail today that I was NOT expecting– Dusted Cover is a finalist for the Upstate’s Worst Website contest! No, really– this is a good thing!

You see, I have this website at However, I am no web master. You might consider me a web poser. I thought I’d be able to get this website up and running, selling used books on-line. Oh, I know there are the amazon.coms and half.coms out there. But this would be a niche– used Christian fiction and non-fiction, as well as the classics and homeschool curriculum. But the darned page won’t work, and frankly, I’m frustrated with it the whole mess.

Then I heard about this contest from a web design company called Engenius, where they’re looking for the worst website in the Upstate of South Carolina so they can do an extreme, Engenius website makeover. The contest was featured on the local news, and I tossed my website into the ring, never actually expecting it to go any farther than that.

And then came today’s e-mail from Chris Manley, one of the co-founders of Engenius. DUSTED COVER IS A FINALIST!! How did THAT happen?? My first reaction was, well, there must be a bunch of “finalists”? Mmmm, no. Only three. Aaak!

So, here’s what I need you to do for me– click on the link and vote for Dusted Cover! You can vote every day, one vote per e-mail address (don’t worry, I haven’t received any spam or even confirmation e-mails from voting). Voting ends May 31, 2012, so vote every day if you can! And then we look forward to more great things from Dusted Cover and! 

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A New Perspective

I had a dream. It plays into my perfection tendencies– this idea that in order to sit and read a book, I needed this ideal setting, sitting solitary in a sun-filled room, nursing a warm cup of coffee. As a … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Changing Times

When it actually happens, you’ll know it because angels will descend from the heavens and belt out the Hallelujah Chorus with great enthusiasm. Alas, I have not yet managed to get my 5, 7 and 9 year old boys to … Continue reading

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So Much for THAT Idea.

As I sit here, in the upper room of my parents’ house, listening to New Year’s revelers discharge what I hope are fireworks, I can’t help but recall last year’s reading intentions. Determined as I was to read two books … Continue reading

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Gone with the Wind- If Melanie Approves, That Is.

There are those of us who LOVE to read, collecting books as a child might comb a shore looking for sea shells.. Then there are those who would rather do anything else in the world than voluntarily read a book, … Continue reading

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Consistently Inconsistent

Oh dear, no. Please tell me it isn’t really April already. I promise I only blinked for a moment. Okay, maybe two. I have to admit that I’m completely failing in my intention to read two books a month. I … Continue reading

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The Problem with Perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I am. I’m not one of those perfectionists who kill themselves to achieve perfection in every nitnoid corner of their personal and professional lives. I’m more of … Continue reading

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The Bridge that led to Madison County

I love reading. As a kid, I can remember my mom expressing frustration over buying me a new Mandy book which I devoured within hours of it entering the house. Why did she bother buying me books, she said, when … Continue reading

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